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About Us

The owners of B. Creative pose in front of a "Star Wars" backdrop at The Last Jedi premiere, Brenda in a black leather jacket and Dave in a Funko t-shirt.

Brenda & Dave

We started working with each other at Sparky’s on Universal CityWalk in 2001. Dave was the Creative Director and Buyer. Brenda was the Visual Merchandiser. Together, with the help of an amazing team, we created show stopping window displays, fully immersive shopping experiences, and in-store photo ops that rival today’s best Instagram hotspots.

We teamed up with a young entrepreneur, Mike Becker, making Sparky’s the original de facto flagship store for Funko products. From massive display installations to special edition collaborations, coining “Funatics” to hosting the very first annual Funko Funatic Funday, we helped put them on the map.

After Sparky’s, we went our separate ways but remained life-long friends. Dave joined the Funko team. Brenda opened her own adorable toy & bookstore. Brenda moved into the entertainment industry. Dave opened toy stores and popcorn shops. We stayed in touch, occasionally catching up on our lives, careers, and even collaborating on a couple of projects.

In 2016, a lot had changed in both our lives and our 15 year friendship shifted into something more, from just friends to an incredibly happy creative couple. What they say is true, a relationship rooted in friendship is the very best!

Brenda McClure

From a very young age, I knew that there was more to life than what I had seen so far. I have always explored new ways to see, create, and share amazing experiences. There was no better place to start than working at Disneyland, where I learned the secret to creating an unforgettable experience is in the precision of execution. In the words of Mr. Disney himself, “There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.” 


I refined my expertise across various theme parks and retailers for several years before opening my own award-winning FireFly’s Book & Toy Store. While illuminating imaginations young and old was an unforgettable chapter in my life, it soon became time to get out and do something even bigger! 


I founded B.Creative with one simple vision, collaborate with incredible people to create phenomenal experiences. And I did just that, styling special events for Disney, overseeing international exhibitions for Harry Potter, and more. Of course, I couldn’t say no when asked to be a Disney Imagineer, serving as Lead Set Decorator for Mickey Avenue in Shanghai. Oh, the people I have met! 


Since returning from China, I have been instrumental in the creation and installation of red-carpet premieres, prop & costume exhibits, and other live events for many of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry. Looking ahead, I am eager to embrace new challenges, explore fresh horizons, and collaborate with innovative minds to create extraordinary experiences worldwide. 

A headshot of Brenda McClure, with shoulder-length red hair and a black leather jacket, smiling warmly, in front of a red curtain.

Dave Brisbois

A headshot of Dave Brisbois in glasses and a welcoming smile wears a black blazer over a white shirt, standing in front of a colorful art piece.

A professional kid at heart, I've spent 30 years infusing fun into brands across various industries. I have led the development of packaging, products, merchandising assortments, display programs, and retail concepts in multiple industries including toys, collectibles, fashion, accessories, food, and entertainment. And yes, I also owned and operated my own local toy & candy stores. 

Young me transformed a struggling concept at Universal CityWalk into Sparky’s, successful purveyor of childhood memories and retro kidstuff. This led me to, then startup, Funko, where I helped develop a passionate community around pop culture collectibles. Missing brick-and-mortar, I got back in the game, with a retro product distribution company and two retail shops.  

Seeking new challenges, I ventured into the food industry. As VP of Marketing at Popcornopolis, I helped grow the brand from local retailer to global snack manufacturer, gift producer, and fundraiser, culminating in a sale to Grupo Bimbo in late 2021. After recharging with some much-needed downtime and tackling a year-long home improvement project, I'm now excited to collaborate with Brenda, bringing our combined creative flair to innovate in the special events industry. 

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