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Event Styling Services

A red-haired woman sketching a design plan, notes and measurements included, viewed from an overhead perspective.


See your ideas come to life with custom designs, from simple sketches to complete concept renderings.

A red-haired woman is arranging the entrance of a charming hobbit-hole surrounded by vibrant flowers, capturing a magical setting.

Art Directors & Stylists

Watch your concepts become physical realities through artistic composition and dedication to detail.

A crew works on creating a plant wall, with a red-haired woman directing, to create an immersive green environment for a big event.

Plant People

Elevate your event atmosphere with comprehensive plantscaping services, including custom creations.

A craftsman works on a huge rainbow colored, plantlike foam sculpture in a workshop.

Shoppers & Fabricators

Save valuable time with expert sourcing or custom creation of any needed items, quickly and on budget.

A white-gloved professional carefully handles a detailed, original movie costume piece, ensuring its preservation.

Archival Asset Handlers

Rest assured, your iconic assets will be handled properly and displayed impeccably, every time.

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